At Andrews Associates we evaluate, guide and make plans for all kinds of tourism development projects, large and small. Our experience has spanned leading national museums and attractions, natural and cultural heritage sites, leisure projects, hotel and self-catering development, retailing, craft centres, and community-based tourism initiatives. We can be brought in to investigate entirely new project proposals or the diversification or expansion of existing businesses.

Our services include market and feasibility assessment, audience development, business planning, management proposals and inputs to implementation.has in-depth expertise in business planning, primarily for destination management / marketing organisations (DMOs). We have prepared many DMO business plans which have work and generated amazing results. We know well the challenges and the opportunities involved, particularly for those that have to generate substantial commercial income to fund their programmes.

Ideally business planning work should be set within the context of a destination’s tourism strategy and action plan. This then provides clear direction, aims and objectives for the DMO business plan. Our approach then involves working very closely with DMO staff and, where appropriate, with DMO stakeholders. We seek to understand what they do and how they do it, and then discuss with them the opportunities for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

We look at existing and potential business models and discuss these thoroughly, before determining the best solutions for the future. These then provide the basis for the budgeting, normally a detailed budget for one year, within the framework of an outline budget for three or five years.